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This website is a reflection of who I am as an attorney.

  • It is

    You will not see me bragging about all the cases I have won or settled. You will not hear about all the big settlements I have obtained for my clients. Go look at just about any lawyer website, and it is really just  a celebration of the lawyer(s) and the firm. That is not what I am about. If you come to me for help, it is your story that needs to be told, not mine. The case is not about me, it is about you.

  • My hard work has been its own advertisement

    I do not rely on this website to bring me business. In fact, I do not even have it linked to the search engines. I will never do "pay per click" advertising on Google just to have my website come up first when someone searches "personal injury attorney in Phoenix." I do not advertise my services in any way. I do not have a mascot. All of my cases come on referral from other attorneys, former clients and friends or family. I do not need a billboard, a jingle, a TV commercial, or a predatory animal / endangered species to persuade people to call me. My hard work has been its own advertisement.

  • It is

    If you want to hear about the cases I have won, the settlements I have obtained for my clients, the accolades I have earned, feel free to ask me. I would much rather hear about you.

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Based in Phoenix Arizona, our team is capable to handle all of the injury related issues affecting clients throughout Arizona

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Car Crashes

My job is to investigate what happened and tell that story for you. The story does not end with the car crash itself, that is only the beginning, especially if someone has been injured.

Big Rig Crashes

There is a lot of evidence that needs to be gathered at the very beginning of a trucking case. Big Rig case is not an ordinary car crash case and needs to be handled more aggressively at the very beginning.

Motorcycle & Bicycle Crashes

Motorcycle & bicycle crashes are often more severe even with appropriate safety gear. I am dedicated and committed to the riding community.

Construction Site Injuries

If you or a member of your family has been injured on a construction site, you need an attorney who understands these issues.

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases are generally a lot more difficult cases than auto crash cases. Premises cases more than any other, require a very aggressive investigation right away.

ERISA Subrogation Defense

If you are in the midst of an ERISA nightmare, I may be able to help. Drop me a line and I will be happy to discuss your ERISA problem with you.

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